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Friendly Tips and Guidance

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A student arrives in London Our Government Exchange sponsors require that you have relevant insurance to cover your time overseas.

We can provide you with relevant signposting to our partner insurance companies. Cover should be for £1 million.

This would give you peace of mind in case of emergencies and accidents.


We always recommend that you aim to arrive during daylight hours. We provide details of arrival information and can arrange a car from our approved partners for you.


Upon arrival, please liaise with us over orientation events that we have arranged for you. You will be given a guide and key information.

Adjusting to Weather and Life Overseas

Give some time to adjust and get to know you way around. It can take up to a month sometimes to get use to a new country. We will give you guidance on what to wear and prepare so that you can safely move from arrival to adjusting.


Our partners will help with any guidance and there will be information given from our exchange sponsors.


Our offices will advise you on how much things would cost and how much money you need to prepare for your overseas experience.


Our office is manned Monday-Friday 0900-1700. We also pick up emails outside of this time.

Bank account

Our UK office will give you a bank letter from our visa sponsors to assist you.